Link Road Structure Numbers

* Please note this page was written before the road opened in December 2015 - we have kept it on the website for interest *

In some of our communications you will now see an ‘S’ reference number after an object’s name. The South Devon Link Road project is made up of a series of distinct structures and these numbers are used to identify the subject.

Below is a list of the structures and their reference numbers to assist you if you would like to know their meaning. Some of the numbers have no structure as they refer to an earlier SDLR configuration and do not apply the existing programme.

  • S01 North approach ramp of the Penn Inn flyover
  • S02 Bridge of the Penn Inn flyover
  • S03 South approach ramp of the Penn Inn flyover
  • S04 Addison Road retaining wall
  • S05 Aller Park retaining walls
  • S06 Sainsbury’s retaining wall
  • S07 No structure
  • S08 Aller Park retaining wall north
  • S09 Aller Park retaining wall south
  • S10 Aller railway tunnel
  • S11 Aller Road overline bridge
  • S12 Aller Cross underbridge
  • S13 Maddacombe Road overbridge
  • S14 Yon Street overbridge and retaining walls
  • S15 No structure
  • S16 No structure
  • S17 No structure
  • S18 Edginswell cattle creep extension
  • S19 Aller main road culvert
  • S20 No structure
  • S21 Sign gantries at chainage 1600 and 2260
  • S22 Sainsbury’s culvert
  • S23 Keyberry culvert beneath railway
  • S24 Langford culvert beneath railway
  • S25 Aller Orchard culvert beneath railway
  • S26 Daccabridge open channel
  • S27 Manor Drive culvert beneath railway
  • S28 Culvert at chainage 5050
  • S29 Culvert at chainage 5175
  • S30 No structure
  • S31 Culvert at chainage 5438
  • S32 Culvert at chainage 5610
  • S33 Culvert at chainage 5750
  • S34 Torbay Ring Road underbridge
  • S35 Edginswell Lane underbridge
  • S36 High pressure gas main structure Edginswell
  • S37 No structure
  • S38 No structure
  • S39 Badger culvert at Kingskerswell
  • S40 Parson's Bridge retaining wall

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