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Planting programme

Planting in advance of the main scheme works is carried out in November and December as part of a package of Exchange Common Land Works off Churchway Lane, Kingskerswell.

The woodland planting forms part of the A380 South Devon Link Road Exchange Common Land Works and the primary objective of the planting scheme is to integrate the proposed planting with the existing landscape character using the species composition of adjacent existing limestone woodland. 

The existing woodland is ash-dominant with oak, field maple, hazel, hawthorn and blackthorn. The proposed woodland was intended to replicate this species composition but due to emergency legislation prohibiting movement and planting of ash in October 2012 the species mix is amended.  Ten per cent of the plant stations in the main part of new woodland are left unplanted.  The new woodland will be monitored to assess whether ash naturally seeds into the area from the adjacent woodland. 

The proposed woodland includes a diverse shrub layer and edge which will integrate with adjacent mature hedgerows and enhance landscape amenity and biodiversity value.   

So far 2000 trees and 1000 shrubs have been planted on the new Common Land at Kingskerswell.  In total 38 acres of woodland and hedging will be created to replace areas lost during the project.

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