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Progress continues

Site clearance is completed apart from a few locations where the presence of wildlife such as nesting birds has halted work. Local residents have been able to make use of the wood which has been cleared: as house fuel and chippings for the garden.

Work begins at Aller in preparation for the sinking of piles to reinforce banking on North side of the new A380. Piling rigs, large scale equipment used to build foundations and retaining walls, will be used at various locations along the length of the new road.

Paul Ewings, Chief Engineer (Highways and Traffic) at Devon County says: “Piling rigs are often used in a project of this scale and will help to overcome geological difficulties by providing strength and stability in the foundations.”

“We have ordered the CFA style rigs to be used, as these are significantly quieter than the traditional type of rig.”

Edginswell’s Ken Pegden is voted Chairman by resident members of the Community Liaison Group.

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